he Building Maintenance Department was established in 1978 when the iormenier
lechnical Officer -Mr. S. O. Sofunde transferred his service to this institution. Priorto
this time, there were three (3) craftsmen (carpentery) in the establishment of the nospital,
who were directly under the Occupational Therapy Department. Mr. S. O. Akinsola-
Principal Technical Officer {Building} currently heads the department.
Current Activities
General cleanliness of the hospital and maintenance of the hospital environment.
Maintenance of the existing structures within the compound as well as
renovation and construction of new structures.
Ensuring a regular flow of water within the hospital premises.
Ensuring functional toilet facilities in the hospital.
Effecting repairs on hospital equipment.
Conveyance of goods from one place to the other
Fumigation works.
Supervision of hospital contracts.

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