The Catering Department commenced operation at the inception of the Hospital in the year 1944. The Modern Cafeteria was commissioned in December, 1992. It is well equipped with facilities to cater for all categories of people including Patients, Students, Hospital Guests, as well as members of staff.

The aim and objectives of the Department is to provide balanced Nutritional Meals under the best hygienic condition at reasonable and affordable cost, thereby aiding and acting as catalyst to their early recovery from their sickness/ailments.

Aro Hospital Guest House:- In addition to the regular catering services for patients, the Hospital also have guest houses. The guest rooms are moderately furnished and fairly appointed for lodging and at affordable prices. The guest house is also being run by the Catering Department Staff on 24/7 and provision of meals i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner throughout the year for the very important Guest (V. I. P), thereby contributing to the revenue of the Hospital.

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