The Administration Department co-ordinates the human and material resources of
the hospital. The Provost and Medical Director is the Chief Executive of the hospital
and has the following directorates under her administrative surveillance.
The Directorate of Clinical Services
The Directorate of Research and Training
The Directorate of Community Mental Health
The Directorate of Administration
The Directorate of Finance
Brief History
The Administration Department of this hospital could be said to be as old as the
hospital itself. The department is the main nucleus of the hospital. The history of the
department can be traced back to 1944 when the hospital was established. It is a
truism that there can be no ideal organisation without its administrative set up.
The hospital’s Administration Department has previously been headed by the following:
Mr. Osolake
Mr. Alakija
Mr. Ogungbe
Mr. Sapara
Mr. T. Fasakin was the first trained Hospital Administrator in Aro and he worked for
the period between 1959 and 1964. Other Hospital Administrators include Messrs L
O. Makanjuola 1964, Mr. J. O. Akinola 1971, Mr. Olanrewaju 1978, Mr. Agev 1979.
The first hospital secretary was Mr. S. K. Akinrimisi 1979- 1999 and he later rose to
the position of Assistant Director of Administration (ADA). Mr. C. O. Soetan took
over from late Mr. S.K. Akinrimisi in 1999. He became the pioneer secretary of the
Neuropsychiatric Hospital Management Board Aro, Abeokuta. The incumbent head
of administration is Mr. A. O. Olugboja.

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