The Directorate of Community Mental health Services was established in 2007 by
the hospical’s management board with these objectives:
Promotion of good mental health
Reduction of stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness
Community education and enlightenment programmes
Establishment of services that will enhance the community re-integration of
the mentally ill.
Linkage with other agencies towards achievement of the objectives stated
Within the short span of its existence, the directorate has designed a comprehensive
community mental health programme with four (4) broad components:
Community Outreach Services
Community Rehabilitation Residential Services
Community Partnership/Liaison services
Community Mental Health Day-Centre services
As part of the Community Outreach Services the directorate has canvassed widely
for partnership/collaboration with mass media houses and has succeeded in securing
a slot in Nigerian Television Authority, Abeokuta, every Tuesday 7:30-8:00 pm. It is
currently at negotiation stage regarding a programme on Gateway Radio. Abeokuta
Among other issues, the mass media programmes address the following area
What mental health is
Breaking the myth of mental illness: Q&A
Causes and treatment of mental illness
The menace of drug abuse
Mental health and daily productivity/successful living
The mind and physical well-being
Coping and life challenges
Coping with stress at work
Stress and your health

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