The Internal Audit Department came into being in 1983 following Government’s
Financial Policy that every Government Parastatal must have an Internal Audit
Department before becoming self accounting
The Primary objective of Internal Audit Department is to ensure Internal Control
related to Government Financial Policies/regulations which are detailed below:
Ensuring Probity and Accountability in Government Revenue and Expenditure.
Safeguarding the Assets of the Institution.
Ensuring strict compliance with financial regulations/policies.
Preventing financial fraudulent practices.
Checking of Monthly Salary Vouchers to prevent ghost Workers and undue
payment of Salaries.
Checking of Capital and Recurrent Expenditure Voucher to ensure due
authorization and accurate payments.
Monitoring of the Incoming /Outgoing goods
Checking of various revenue generation centres to prevent fraud.
Giving of financial advice to the Provost and Medical Director of the Hospital
as may be deemed necessary.
Any ad hoc duty that may be assigned.

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