The Laboratory department forms an integral part of the Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro, Health service. It provides Laboratory information to those responsible for treating the patients as well as monitoring their response to treatment e.g. Doctors and Nurses 


The Laboratory department is made up of the following units:

Chemical pathology




The Laboratory is equipped with automated equipments such as Advia-60

Haematology system for Full blood count Analysis; RA-50 Chemistry Analyzer, Clinitek

50 for Urinalysis, and Corning flame Photometer for Electrolytes. These equipments

promote reliable, efficient and effective health care services.

Apart from investigating clients with mental disorders, the Laboratory also provides

a comprehensive range of services for those with comobid disorder such as diabetes,

liver diseases, and renal failure.

The service is also extended to members of staff and the public, as well as private

hospitals. The investigation carried out include full blood count analysis, renal function

tests, sickling and genotype, pregnancy test, liver function test, Lithium analysis, HIV

Screening, Malaria parasite, Widal agglutination, Urinalysis, Fasting blood sugar, drug

assays, Electrolyte and Urea

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