The Nursing Services Department of this hospital is as old as the hospital itself. The Department is headed by an Assistant Director Nursing Services (Clinical), who is assisted by a team of Senior Nurses, whose designations range from Chief Nursing Officer to Assistant Chief Nursing Officer. Senior Nurses perform some administrative duties apart from their clinical duties and are assisted by the Principal Nursing Officers, Senior Nursing Officers, Nursing Officers land Nursing Officers lI, the hierarchy being in descending order.

This department also has support staffs that are referred to as the Health Attendants whose designations range from Head Health Attendants, to Health Attendants. 

The Nursing services provided include: 

Assessment and general observation of patients in order to collect relevant data.

ldentifying potential and actual health problems from the data collected.

Using scientific approach to plan and manage the identified problems by the

use of nursing process.

Health Education to the patients and relatives.

Health counselling to the patients and relatives.

Rehabilitation of patients through team approach

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