Brief History
The Occupational Therapy Department is one of the oldest departments in Aro.
Mr. J. Moren was the first Occupational Therapy Instructor in the hospital and was
assigned in 1947 to the Lantoro Annex. In 1954, the Neuropsychiatric Hospital
employed an expatriate, Miss H. Lewis, as an ambassador of the profession. She
established the Occupational Therapy Department at Aro.
The Departmental aims and objectives are:
To offer comprehensive Occupational Therapy Services and develop t
department to international standard both at Aro and Lantoro Annex.
To make Occupational Therapy Department a clinical training center for
Occupational Therapy students.
To increase Occupational Therapy awareness among other health
To provide a wide variety of vocational skills for patients.
To establish the Occupational Therapy Department as an income generating
unit for the hospital.
Current Services/ Activities
Enhancement of activities of daily living in clients.
Provision of vocational activities e.g. Hair Dressing and barbing services,
printing. Tye and Dye, Aso Oke Weaving. Carpentry, Fashion Designing. Art
and Crafts, farming and gardening
Provision of leisure/recreational services such as music and dancing; Indoor
table games e.g. Ludo, Ayo, monopoly; Outdoor games e.g. football, lawn
tennis, basket ball; and keep fit exercises.

Provision of social activities/services e.g. group discussion, debate, quiz,

parties, drama and brain teasers.

Intellectual activities Information Technology (computers).

All these therapeutic activities are directed at helping the Individual to enhance

independent living skills and social skills

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