The office of Head of Clinical Services is as old as the hospital.
The office was at the inception referred to as Office of Director of Clinical Services which in capacity acts for the Provost and Medical Director whenever he’s absent from the hospital. The office is also responsible for coordinating and supervising all Clinical Departments and Units within the hospital facility.
The office works closely with other members of the Hospital Management Team to ensure that programme and processes are being followed to provide the best clinical service delivery.


From inception, the following are the names of Heads of Clinical Services till date.
Dr A. O. Ogunlesi – 1991 – 1994
Dr (Mrs) T. A. Adamson – 1994 – 2001
Dr T. O. Adebowale – 2009 – 2013
Dr G. Amoo – 2018 – 2020
Dr L. E. U. Onofa – 2020 – 2022
Dr L. I. Sakeeb – 2022 – till date.


The Head of Clinical Services is responsible for providing clinical direction and strong professional leadership to all clinical staff, driving a culture of patients’ safety, clinical effectiveness and continuous improvement of the patients’ experience.

The Head of Clinical Services is also a member of the Top Management Team who must ensure the hospital’s service provision are effective and responsive to patients’ care in a safe and high quality clinical environment and also in a way to maximises the financial and operational performance of the hospital.
The office also has the responsibility to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to maintain, promote and safeguard the wellbeing and interest of patients, employees and visitors.

i To report directly to the Provost and Medical Director of the hospital.
ii To guide the clinical and medical operations of the hospital clinical departments/ units.
iii To ensure that health care staff have the essential resources to treat patients.

In the Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro, Abeokuta which is a large facility with many departments/units and subspecialties in the field of psychiatry. The Head of Clinical Services’ job description includes the following:
i Supervising and directing all aspects of clinical activities.
ii Employee development/evaluation of staff performance
iii Assisting in budget and finance management
iv Development of policies and goals to meet the mission and vision of the hospital
v Recruiting and training of Clinical staff including provision of continuing education opportunities for individuals and clinical teams to advance their professional skills.
vi Championing high standard, effective and efficient patient care (patient centred care) through implementation of policies, strategies, plans adopted by the Hospital Management.
vii Fostering collaboration and team work among all clinical and non-clinical staff.
viii Assisting in budget implementation and appropriate financing of the hospital activities.
ix Chairing the committees on clinical activities.
x Implementation of Clinical Governance Pillars.
xi Conflict resolution among the staff to provide conducive atmosphere for staff and clinical services.
xii Creation of schedules for all clinical employees with the assistance of all the Head of Departments/ Units.
xiii Discipline of staff when necessary by following the professional ethics and Public Service Rules.
xiv Assisting each professional to be competent with legal guidelines, internal policies and quality standards.


i Medical Services
ii Nursing Department
iii Health Information Management
iv Pharmacy Department
v Clinical Psychology Department
vi Physiotherapy Department
vii NHIA Unit/General Medical Practice Clinic
viii Laboratory Department
ix Radiology Unit
x Nutrition Unit
xi Social Welfare Department
xii Occupational Therapy Department
xiii Electroencephylogram Unit (EEG)
xiv Speech Therapy Unit
xv Health Education and Drug Abuse Prevention Unit


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