This directorate together with the Clinical Services and Administration supports the Provost and Medical Director in carrying out the hospital’s mandates in line with its vision and mission.
It oversees and coordinates the training and research activities of the hospital as illustrated below:

Residency Training
Postgraduate Psychiatry training of Resident Doctors towards attainment of Fellowship of the West African College of Physicians in the Faculty of Psychiatry and National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria. The hospital’s Psychiatric Residency training started with its first accreditation in 1982. It accommodates both full term and Supernumerary programs. It also serves as a psychiatry rotation for resident doctors in family medicine and internal medicine from the Federal Medical Center, the Sacred Heart Hospital and other postgraduate training institutions within and outside the country.

Medical Students Training
Medical Students’ Psychiatry rotation from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-iwoye, Bowen University, Iwo and from neighbouring Republic of Benin universities are conducted in the hospital

Nursing Training
Post-Basic Psychiatry Nursing Training, the School of Psychiatric Nursing, established in 1954 is the first in the country and by 1958 became accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. It provides Psychiatric Nursing Training to Post-Basic Nursing Graduates from across the country towards the attainment of Registered Psychiatric nurse certificate. Currently, the hospital is in the process of upgrading the school to a degree awarding status through affiliation with the University of Ibadan in line with the Nursing and Mid-wifery Council of Nigeria.

Undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students from several universities within the country as well as from oversea countries have psychiatry rotations in the hospital. Schools of nursing students across the country observe their psychiatric nursing rotation in the hospital towards their attainment of the Registered Nurse certificate

Training of Allied Mental Health Professionals
The hospital has over the years been playing significant role in the training of Allied Professionals including Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, and others through their rotation in the hospital for varying length of time towards obtaining their degrees, diplomas or certificates of their respective profession. The hospital also offers internship positions to fresh graduates of Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Medical Laboratory Science for a year towards full registration with their respective Councils and Regulatory bodies.

Staff In-Service Training and Development
The Directorate also oversees In-service Training for members of staff to acquire higher qualifications ranging from certificate courses, diploma and degrees up to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) level. This affords the staff members the opportunity for personal development and overall development of the hospital. Individual staff member’s applications for training are reviewed by a statutory committee headed by the Head of Research and Training.

Health Educational Programmes
Health educational programmes are also organized by the Education Committee of the hospital to sensitise and educate the staff on common health issues in the populace with a view to preventing such disease.

Hospital Research Efforts
The hospital has been involved in cutting edge researches since its inception in 1954 starting with the pioneering works of Professor Thomas Adeoye Lambo, followed by Professor Tolani Asuni and a hosts of other earliest Psychiatrists who are renowned global researchers. This tradition has continued over the decades in the areas of clinical, epidemiological and transcultural psychiatry.

At the moment the hospital is in the process of enhancing the research potential and output of the hospital. The Provost and Medical Director, Dr A. A. Agboola has engaged the services of seasoned researchers drawn from the academia. The goal is to upscale the research capacity of the hospital for conducting cutting-edge evidence-based researches publishable in high impact journals that will attract local and international recognition. To this end, the hospital through the office of the Head of Research and Training is working on the registration of the hospital with international grant agencies such as Wellcome Trust, United Kingdom Research Innovavation (UKRI) and National Institute of Health (NIH) in order to access their grants. Another goal of this laudable initiative by the Provost and Medical Director is to assists Individual researchers within the hospital to review research plans and support implementation till publication and dissemination stage. Individuals will also be guided on registering for research grants. To facilitate these goals, the Provost has employed two Scientific Officers who are deployed to the office of the Head of Research and Training where these research coordination is domiciled.

It is the desire of the Provost and Medical Director that these research efforts in different sub-specialties will launch the hospital back to her highly esteemed position among the community of research institutions in the world and is putting all resources and providing the wherewithal to support individual members of staff or group(s) who will align with this endeavour.

Library Department
Library department is one of the arms within the Directorate of Research and Training. The directorate has an oversight function on the department in line with the hospital’s administrative structure and procedures while the department’s day to day administration is being administered by the Head of the Department. The department is a rich resource of up to date academic and professional physical and electronic materials that enhances training and research needs of the hospital, other institutions and members of the immediate and remote communities.

The Research and Statistics Unit
The Research and Statistics unit of the hospital is under the purview of the Directorate of Research and Training. The unit is manned by a research and statistics personnel and a Project Officer. It was established to facilitate the research activities of the hospital. The unit is involved in the compilation of the hospital basic statistics and analysis of such data which assists in planning and reviewing services and personnel needs of the hospital. The unit also assists members of staff, trainees and students in their personal research activities.

Health Research Ethics Committee (HREC)
It is an offshoot of the National Health Research Ethics Committee that registers and regulates the activities of Health Research Ethics Committees of different institutions within the country. The establishment of this committee in our hospital helps to shape and improve the quality of the research proposals brought under its review. The committee reviews research protocols involving human participants to ensure that the proposed studies adhere strictly to high ethical standards and are scientifically sound in line with local and international guidelines. Protocol reviews are being undertaken by trained reviewers who commit their time and personal resources to accomplish this task for the benefit of humanity. The coordination and activities of the hospital Health Research Ethics Committee is domiciled in the Directorate of Research and training. It is chaired by the Head Of Research and Training.

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