Dr A.A Agboola
Provost & MD FNPH Aro, Abeokuta

The Provost and Medical Director’s office as both the Clinical and Administrative seat of power and the overall administrative head of the hospital, is known and addressed with the title of the “Provost and Medical Director”. The Office of the Provost is at the helms of affairs in the hospital. The office carries out the day to day running and management of the main complex of the Aro and its Annexe at Lantoro. The Provost and Medical Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital and he is responsible to the Board for the leadership, management and development of the hospital and its strategic plans.

The Office of the Provost and Medical Director came into existence in 1954 with the appointment of Late Prof. Thomas Adeoye Lambo as the first Medical Superintendent of the hospital. Since inception till date, the office had been occupied by Twelve (12) substantive Provost and Medical Directors.

i To ensure the implementation of plans, programmes and strategies in consonance with the tripartite mandate of the hospital.
ii To create an enabling environment for excellent treatment of the clients of the hospital.
iii To maintain constant and continuous training of both clinical and non-clinical staff of the hospital and students.
iv To establish, maintain and sustain the conducive environment that will allow the continuous research into different fields of psychiatry and its disciplines in the hospital.
v To thrive to be the best among the comity of Psychiatry Hospitals in the country and beyond.

i To ensure that the hospital is a national centre of excellence and an international point of reference in mental health by providing a conducive environment for qualitative service delivery, research and training with community participation and international collaboration.
ii To see to the implementation of policy, programmes and strategies that will offer an environment for staff, students and patients to thrive.
iii To liaise with relevant regulatory ministries, agencies and departments that will ensure smooth running of the hospital.

i It is the overall administrative seat of power where the day-to-day running of the hospital is carried out.
ii The office serves as administrative beehive of activities of the hospital where letters, correspondences, and documents are treated on a daily basis.
iii The Office of the Provost is responsible for the implementation of the vision and mission of the hospital, creating strategies and prioritising resources in the fulfillment of the mandate of the hospital. In doing these, the office works closely with the Directorates of Clinical Services, Research and Training and that of Administration.
iv Policy and Planning Formation: the office spearheads and coordinates the development and review of policies, strategic plans and other interventions designed to achieve growth and professional excellence in the hospital.
v Management and Fiscal Control: The office is responsible for maintaining efficiency, effectiveness and good governance of the hospital. It provides efficient leadership to the hospital through coordinating the effective implementation of strategic management plans and board decisions.

vi It directs and supervises the Management Team responsible for the clinical, financial and administrative functions of the hospital and monitors their performances in line with prescribed standards.
vii It mobilises both internal and external resources necessary for the implementation of the hospital policies, plans and programmes.
viii It oversees the acquisition and fair allocation of resources to various hospital clinical and non-clinical bodies.
ix It is responsible to the Management Board of the hospital by presenting the hospital’s position and recommendations on various issues and challenges requiring the board’s intervention.
x It prepares periodic reports to the Management Board and is also responsible to the Board for the general conduct and discipline of hospital’s staff students as well as general patients’ welfare.
xi The Provost and Medical Director who is the head of the office and the hospital is the Chairman of Top Management Committee of the hospital and a member of the Management Board.
xii It is responsible general administration and personnel evaluation which include preparation of report, reviews and recommendations, appointments, promotions, discipline and conduct of staff.
xiii The office through the Provost represents the hospital externally in order to promote awareness and understanding of the hospital vision, mission, objectives, policies and programmes.
xiv It works with relevant supervising and regulating ministries to ensure moral and financial support for the hospital.


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