This represents a major mandate of the institution and over the years, it has creditably
discharged the responsibility by swelling the ranks of well trained psychiatric specialists
in Nigeria and overseas. The institution is accredited by the National Postgraduate
Medical College of Nigeria and the West African Postgraduate Medical College to
train psychiatrists.
Objectives: The residency training in psychiatry is geared towards the acquisition of
theoretical and clinical knowledge for practice, teaching and research in psychiatry
Trainees are prepared for the Fellowship Examination(s) in either or both the National
Postgraduate Medical College (Faculty of Psychiatry) and the West African College of
Physicians (Faculty of Psychiatry) during the period of their training.
Duration of Training: The Training period spans a maximum of six (6) years. The
first three (3) years cater for junior residency training, while the last three (3) years is
for senior residency training
Training Institution(s): This institution serves as the main nucleus of the training
programme with all its human and material resources. However, parts of the training
are undertaken in other institutions like the University College Hospital, lbadan (to
which this hospital is affiliated) for Neurology or some other programmes as may be
deemed appropriate from time to time.
Commencement of Programme: The programme formally commences in the first
week of September annually., to coincide with the end of the mandatory National
Youth Service Corps Programme.
However, resident doctors may be allowed to commence the training at any time
during the year as dictated by the exigencies of the institution.
Qualifications for the Residency Training: Candidates are required to possess a
medical degree from a recognized University and they, must be fully registered with
the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. A pass in the Primary Examination of
either the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria or the West African
Postgraduate Medical College may be advantageous at the time of recruitments

Sub-Specialty Training: Sub-specialty training is available within the institution in

the areas of substance abuse/dependence, Forensic Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, and

Community mental health.

Syllabus: A copy of the training syllabus with the lecture contents is made available

to each resident doctor on resumption of training.

Additional human resources (Guest Lecturers) are irom time to time invited from

other training institutions to complement the expertise provided by the in-house


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