The research endeavours of the institutions were pioneered by two world renowned
and acclaimed psychiatrists, viz: Late Professor Thomas Adeoye Lambo and Professor
Tolani Asuni. Late Professor Thomas Adeove Lambo pioneered the first set of research
studies and made the “ARO VILLAGE” treatment modality internationally famous.
This system recognized the cultural diversity in modern psychiatric practice and
successfuly blended the practice with the unique African cultural context.
Prolfessor Tolani Asuni’s seminal studies in Forensic Psychiatry during his stint in this
hospital remain evergreen

Since these initial endeavours, other psychiatrists who have been privileged to work
in the institution have equally made enriching contributions in various areas of mental
health research including substance abuse/dependence, psychiatric epidemiologY
forensic psychiatry and others.

The institution recently undertook an epidemiological research in llewo Orile, a rural
community about 30 kilometres away from the hospital with the objectives of:
Assessing the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the community.
Assessing the attitudes of members of the community to psychiatrically ill
Comparison of the effectiveness of community based treatment versus hospital
based treatment of psychiatric disorders.
The impact of mental health education on negative attitudes to the mentally ill.
Some of the data generated trom the study have already been analysed and
ecearch unit is also responsible tor providing guidance to resident doctors who
tired in part fulfilment of their final postgraduate examination to carry out a
research project in any area of mental health

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